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Deep South Knitting (eBook version)

25 designs and 12 recipes celebrating the beauty and history of America’s Deep South. Downloadable eBook version (PDF) for all platforms.

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1865 Jacket (Harper’s Ferry, WV). Inspired by Civil War era designs. Crocheted collar and cuffs.

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Magnolia Tea Cozy (Natchez, MS)

Magnolia Tea Cozy (Natchez, MS). Inspired by the magnolia trees gracing Natchez’s beautiful antebellum mansions.

Honeysuckle Bridal Set (Abingdon, VA). Includes bag, garter and beaded gloves.

Honeysuckle Bridal Set (Abingdon, VA). Includes bag, garter and beaded gloves.

I’ve lived south of the Mason-Dixon Line most of my life. Despite the fact my parents are New Yorkers, as were their parents, I definitely think of myself as a Southern woman. When we decided to do a regionally-themed knitting/travel book, the South was a natural first choice.

Deep South Knitting features 16 of my own designs, inspired by the history, native plants, architecture and flowers (lots of flowers), that define “Southern” for me. We are fortunate to have contributions from 9 other Deep South designers who have created projects inspired by their hometowns. To make these patterns accessible for knitters and crocheters of all experience levels, I’ve recorded how-to videos for every skill needed to complete the projects in this book; the videos are available on www.PlanetPurl.com.

If you, too, are Southern, by birth or in spirit, I hope you enjoy Deep South Knitting, my love letter to all things Southern. If you aren’t Southern, I hope you enjoy your virtual knitting and crochet tour through our beaches, mountains, gardens and history and will be inspired to create a little Southern magic for yourself. And maybe be come for a visit? If you can’t make it down here in person, doing a little Southern cooking of your own might just be the next best thing, so I’ve included a dozen of my favorite regional recipes to give you a true “taste” of the South. So put on the kettle, get comfy and plan to visit awhile. Welcome to my neighborhood — welcome to Deep South Knitting.

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